4 Tips When Visiting An Auto Collision Repair Shop

Keeping your car running well at all times will help you avoid a number of life stresses. Your vehicle can allow you to get to work, run errands and simply enjoy more each day. If you've been in an accident, it's ideal to be prepared to visit your auto collision repair shop. Knowing tips that will prepare you in advance of this appointment may allow you to have a better visit.

Tip #1: Carry Important Documents

Be sure to carry any documentation pertaining to your vehicle. This may include the warrant information, the bill of purchase and other documents you got when you bought the car.

This will ensure the auto shop has any information that may be needed when making a repair.

Tip #2: Get Quotes

The best way to avoid an unwanted surprise when it comes to the amount of money necessary to fix your car is to get estimates while you are there. Prices can vary greatly from region to region, and it's ideal to get a precise amount that it will take to get your car fixed.

Additionally, you will need to turn in a detailed estimate to your insurer from the auto shop to ensure your insurance pays for these damages.

Tip #3: Request Manufacturer Parts

It may be to your benefit to request that the body shop use parts from your car's original manufacturer to repair your car. Some auto shops may use generic parts to help save you money, but you may prefer that they use parts from the dealer where you purchased the car.

Tip #4: Ask Questions

The time to learn the most about what will be done to your car and the cost to fix it is on your first visit.

Listed below are questions you should consider asking:

  1. What parts have to be replaced to restore the car?
  2. How long will it take to complete the job?
  3. Will any of the damages be recognizable by another person?
  4. Are all of the damages to the car covered by the insurance company?

 By making a detailed list of things to ask your mechanic, this can keep you better informed.

Finally, getting your car back in good driving condition is important. By taking the time to discuss your automobile needs and situation with a mechanic at a shop like Mojave Paint And Body 2, you are sure to get the best result and have it completed in the least amount of time.