Learn Why It Is Better To Buy A Used Car From A Dealer Rather Than A Private Seller

If you are in the market for a used car, there is a good chance you are torn between buying the car from a private seller or a local car dealer. Buying from a local dealer has many benefits over buying from a private seller. The following guide walks you through a few differences between the two options so that you can make an informed decision about why buying from a dealer may be the best for your particular situation.

Do You Need Auto Rental Insurance? Get the 411

Renting a vehicle is a convenient way to get around when your own vehicle is not available. Renters, however, sometimes overlook the insurance aspects of auto rentals. What type of insurance do you need, if any? This article examines some of the key issues involved in deciding whether to purchase insurance coverage from an auto rental company. Collision In most cases, you will not be responsible for any damages due to a collision because your personal auto policy will cover you when you operate a rental car.

3 Keys For Auto Maintenance

Do you need to be sure that you are able to keep your car on the road for as long as you can? If so, you will need to consider some auto repair tips that will help you to maintain your vehicle and get the absolute best performance out of it. These auto mechanic tips can keep more money in your wallet and will help you to protect your investment. If you need some useful car maintenance tips that are suitable for any automobile, consider these useful pieces of advice.

Maintain Your Vehicle And Protect Your Investment - Advantages Of OEM Car Parts

American culture has long been defined by the freedom and opportunity presented by the open road, but that freedom comes with a great deal of responsibility. Maintaining your vehicle is chief among these responsibilities, but in order to do this, you have to make sure you're staying informed about all of the options and possibilities available to you. Below, you'll find a guide to some of the advantages of using original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, parts in repairing your vehicle.

Stranded And Lost : How To Communicate Your Location To A Tow Truck Dispatcher

As a driver, you put a lot of faith in your vehicle. After all, every time that you climb inside you fully expect that it will take you where you intend to go. Unfortunately, cars are not nearly as reliable as what people expect them to be and there is always a chance you could find yourself stranded on the side of the road. When you have traveled a long distance, with a lot of turns and twists along the route, you may not be exactly sure where you are located.

A Heavy-hauling Guide: Keep Your Vehicle Ready for the Job

Just because your manufacturer tells you your car was built to take heavy loads does not mean you shouldn't take precautions before doing so. This is especially true if you are going to be hauling heavy loads frequently. The following guide will help get your car ready to undertake whatever loads you need to transport. Overheating Should Concern You Consider the following tips to help your car and components stay cool while you tow heavy loads:

Does Your Car Smell? Diagnosing Car Odors & Possible Sources

You probably know your car should not emit strange smells. But you may not know how to decipher smells to find out the source. The following guide will help you diagnose smells so that you know what to say to your auto care specialist.  The Burned Rubber Smell This may be the simplest smell to diagnose. Your car only has a few things that would smell like burned rubber and that is your tires or hoses.

2 Environmentally Friendly Snow Removal Tips

Snow removal is a massive pain that many people will have to deal with every year. While there are quite a few methods for removing the snow from your walkways and driveway, many of them are not actually that good for the environment. The following two tips will help you keep your driveway free of snow in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Easy-To-Use Snow Shovels While shoveling your snow is not the most entertaining or easiest option for removing your snow, it is going to be your best option if you want to remove the snow and ice from your property in a way that will not harm the environment.

Health Benefits Of Car Window Tinting

Tinting your car windows comes with a lot of benefits: it increases your privacy, reduces sun-induced damage to your car's upholstery and plastic surfaces, and can even keep your car cool by reducing radiant heat. Perhaps the best part of tinted windows, however, is that they protect you from UV radiation. Here are three ways your health can benefit from reduced exposure to UV radiation while driving.  Skin Cancer Prevention