What Type of Tow Truck Do You Need?

If you find yourself in a jam, you need to call up a tow truck. A tow truck can help you out of many different situations. What type of tow truck you need depends on your vehicle and the situation you find yourself in.

Are You Stuck In The Mud? You Need A Boom

If you find yourself stuck in the mud, stuck in a ditch, or your vehicle is stuck over an embankment, you need a tow truck with a boom. A boom is an adjustable winch that is attached to a tow truck. This winch can be used to recover vehicles that have become stuck in an unfortunate situation.

Is Your Vehicle Severely Damaged? You Need a Hook and Chain

Some tow trucks come loaded up with hook and chains, slings or belt lifts. The chain is looped around either the axle or frame of the car. Once the loop is secured around your vehicle, your vehicle is lifted up and placed on top of heavy rubber mats. If your vehicle is really damaged from an accident or is missing wheels, this is a great way to tow your vehicle.

If your vehicle is in great shape but just is not starting, you should avoid the hook and chain method. It has been known to scratch the paint off bumpers.

Just Broke Down? You Need a Wheel Lift

If you have just broken down, you need a tow truck that comes with a wheel lift. A wheel lift tow truck uses a sturdy yoke to grab onto either the front or rear wheels of your vehicle. From there, your vehicle is lifted up with either a hydraulic or pneumatic hoist. 

This is a really safe way to tow your vehicle if it is just broken down. The towing equipment only makes contact with the tires on your vehicle.

You Could Also Use a Flatbed

If you are just broken down, you could also use a flatbed or rollback tow truck. Generally, a winch will be attached to your car. Then, the bed of the tow truck is lowered to the ground level. From there, your car is pulled onto the back of the tow truck, and the bed is raised and you are off. This is a very safe way to transport a vehicle if you have just broken down but your vehicle is not damaged.

Now that you have a better idea of what you need, you can save the tow company time by letting them know what type of tow truck you need. Keep a local towing company like Darryll's Towing in your emergency contacts in case of any future accidents.