Truck Accessories For A New Landscaping Business

Starting your own landscaping business requires little more than your knowledge of lawn and garden care, a truck, and a few pieces of equipment. You also need to make sure you can safely tote your equipment around town to job sites. The following are a few pieces of truck equipment and accessories you should seriously consider when outfitting your vehicle for your new business. Visit sites like to see what types of parts are available.

Ladder and Cargo Racks

A ladder rack is the single best way to extend your cargo size without upgrading your truck or investing in a trailer. This rack allows you to store and transport items above the bed and cab. Although you can use it transport ladders as it is intended, it can also be used to carry tools, sprinkler conduit, or any other long items you need to transport for landscaping. You can also combine a ladder rack with in-bed cargo racks that allow you to store rakes, brooms, and other tools upright. This leaves the center of the bed—your main cargo area—free for carting away tree trimmings and lawn clippings or for toting heavier equipment.

Cab Guard

A cab guard is a must if you want to avoid a broken window. Your rear window is in constant danger from tools or tree trimmings tossed into the bed. These guards come in several varieties. The most basic is a simple set of metal bars that go across the rear window. You can also get screen varieties that work well for preventing smaller items from reaching the window. Some guards are also used as one of the supports for a ladder rack system.

Cargo Carrier

A cargo carrier plugs into your hitch receiver and provides a slight extension to your bed. If you are using a riding lawnmower, a cargo carrier is a must. Opt for a model with fold down ramps so you can drive your lawnmower off and on easily. You will also need to verify that the model you choose is rated for the weight of your lawnmower. Racks without ramps can also be useful for simply extending the cargo space or if you are hauling push mowers.

Locking Toolboxes

These are handy for carrying a range of tools, especially the more expensive items like motorized handsaws for tree trimming or leaf blowers. Toolboxes come in a couple of varieties, with those that mount across the bed, near the cab, being the most common. These boxes are generally deep and have trays so you can store larger items and keep things organized. There are also boxes that go up the sides of the bed, covering the wheel well hump. These are sometimes narrower and shallower than the other type, but they can still provide quite a bit of secure storage space.