3 Reasons Why Flat Bed Towing Is Better For Your Vehicle

If you find yourself in need of a tow, you might not be thinking about the type of truck that will be used to pick it up. However, there are different types of towing out there, including flat bed towing and dolly towing. Although there are reasons for each type of towing, many people find that flat bed towing from a company like Darrah's Towing & Recovery is the best choice for their vehicles. These are a few reasons why you might want to consider it if you need to have your vehicle towed somewhere.

1. It's More Secure

Even if the towing professional is as careful as possible, there is always the chance of an accident occurring when a vehicle is being towed by a tow truck. Because of the angle that vehicles are kept at during dolly towing, there is a good chance that they will fall of the truck if there is a towing issue. With flat bed towing, however, the vehicle is towed at an upright position with all four tires flat on the back of the truck. This can help the truck stay more secure while it's being transported.

2. Weight Isn't as Much of an Issue

Dolly trucks can typically only move certain cars and other vehicles, and large or very heavy vehicles can be a bit of a problem. With flat bed towing, these restrictions aren't as harsh, so it could be your best option if your vehicle is a bit larger than average.

3. You Can Avoid Excess Wear and Tear to Your Vehicle

Dolly towing involves transporting a vehicle at a rather unnatural angle, with most of the vehicle's weight putting pressure on only two of its tires. Although this can be an acceptable option for very short trips, it can actually cause excess wear and tear to your vehicle. To preserve your tires, axles, the bumpers and other components of your vehicle, opt for flat bed towing instead; it's a much more natural and less taxing position for your car.

Although dolly towing can have its advantages, many vehicle owners find that they feel more comfortable with flat bed towing instead. If you need to have your vehicle transported and aren't able to drive it for one reason or another, consider calling a flat bed towing company. Then, you can enjoy these benefits while knowing that your car is being towed as safely and efficiently as possible to its destination.