2 Environmentally Friendly Snow Removal Tips

Snow removal is a massive pain that many people will have to deal with every year. While there are quite a few methods for removing the snow from your walkways and driveway, many of them are not actually that good for the environment. The following two tips will help you keep your driveway free of snow in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Easy-To-Use Snow Shovels

While shoveling your snow is not the most entertaining or easiest option for removing your snow, it is going to be your best option if you want to remove the snow and ice from your property in a way that will not harm the environment. Sure, this option does require the most amount of work, but there are snow shovels on the market that can make this chore much easier.

The first option to consider is a snow shovel that has wheels on it. These wheels are designed to make the shovel work like a plow and allow you to push it along your driveway in order to collect the snow.

Once the snow has been gathered, you can easily lift the snow and dump it wherever you need to. The best part about this shovel is that you will not need to bend down at all throughout the process, which is great for your back.

The second option to consider is a snow shovel that has a second handle on the shaft. This second handle is adjustable so that you can set it to whatever position will allow you to lift the snow without having to bend down. In addition, that second handle provides a better grip that will allow you to more easily lift larger piles of snow.

Snow Melt

Traditional snow melt is extremely popular because it allows you to get rid of the ice and snow from your property with very little effort. However, many types of snow melt are actually harmful to you, your pets, and any plants in the area. 

As an alternative to traditional snow melt, you should consider using a darker material. For example, you can utilize both sand and coffee grinds on your driveway to provide traction and help the snow melt. The dark color of the sand and coffee grinds will absorb the sunlight and speed up the melting process in an environmentally friendly way.

Visit a snow removal company like Drake-Scruggs Equipment Inc today in order to see the many snow removal options and tools available to you. Environmentally friendly snow melt options are a great way to remove the snow and ice easily, while easy-to-use snow shovel designs can make shoveling much easier on your body.