A Heavy-hauling Guide: Keep Your Vehicle Ready for the Job

Just because your manufacturer tells you your car was built to take heavy loads does not mean you shouldn't take precautions before doing so. This is especially true if you are going to be hauling heavy loads frequently. The following guide will help get your car ready to undertake whatever loads you need to transport.

Overheating Should Concern You

Consider the following tips to help your car and components stay cool while you tow heavy loads:

  • Make sure you take a look at your transmission and have it serviced before you start hauling heavy loads. The transmission is responsible for transferring all the power your engine produces to your wheels. Hauling heavy loads will require a lot of power, so you have to make sure this component is in good condition. 
  • Consider installing an auxiliary transmission cooler, especially if you are going to be hauling regularly. An overheated transmission can damage it to the point where you will need to repair or replace it. Hauling heavy loads does put your transmission under strain, so installing a transmission cooler can help keep your transmission system safe.
  • Have your auto care specialist check your radiator because it is very important in keeping your engine cool. Make sure you have your coolant lines checked because clogged lines will overheat your engine or transmission oils. 
  • Make sure you have your catalytic converter checked as well. The catalytic converter is responsible for diffusing some of the fumes from your engine. This may seem unrelated, but a clogged catalytic converter will overheat your engine and transmission. Not to mention that it will cause your engine to lose power, especially going uphill. 

A Quick Checklist to Get You Ready to Haul

Be sure you are ready to haul with the following quick checklist:

  • Know your vehicle's gross weight and payload rating. Your hauling expert should make sure that both are accounted for and will not damage your vehicle. 
  • Make sure your vehicle has signal wiring installed if what you are hauling obstructs your vehicle's tail lights. Signal wiring will make what you are hauling mimic your own tail lights. 
  • Decide if you need anti-sway control? This system is installed in your car and helps detect and stop any swaying from the trailer you are hauling.

Don't be afraid to ask questions, and take your time before you begin hauling a heavy load. Making sure your car is ready to avoid damage to your car. This will also keep you safe on the road. Contact resources like Apex Transportation for more information or assistance.