Stranded And Lost : How To Communicate Your Location To A Tow Truck Dispatcher

As a driver, you put a lot of faith in your vehicle. After all, every time that you climb inside you fully expect that it will take you where you intend to go. Unfortunately, cars are not nearly as reliable as what people expect them to be and there is always a chance you could find yourself stranded on the side of the road.

When you have traveled a long distance, with a lot of turns and twists along the route, you may not be exactly sure where you are located. This can seem like a helpless situation. After all, how do you communicate with a tow truck service to come for help if you have no idea where you are on the map? Here is your guide to making sure you are found by a tow truck driver as soon as possible.

Provide All Details of the Route You Took

You may not know just where you are, but you will likely remember a few turns you took in order to get there. Give details about where you were driving from and where you were going. Think about the last street sign you remember seeing or business location. Even if the last thing you remember was passing through a certain street light, the dispatcher will likely be able to narrow down your location.

Look for Prominent Landmarks and Features

You may think that a deserted highway does not offer a lot of clues to help determine where you are, but even simple features may be important. If you are surrounded by trees, share the information. If you see mountains in the distance, tell the dispatcher where you see the mountains. Even an oddly shaped crook in the road or large rock may be features that can help give insight into where you are on the roadway.

Share Details About Your Car

You will likely be asked the make and model of your vehicle, but beyond this, there are details that may be able to help Country City Towing find you. For example, if your truck is equipped with an off-road light system or is a certain color, this information should be given. Not only will you be easier to spot, but the driver can use details to ask others in the area if they have witnessed your vehicle.

Being stranded on the side of the road in a strange and unfamiliar location can be scary. However, by sharing the right information with the tow truck service, you will be much easier to find and will not be stuck stranded for long periods of time.